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About Clarissa

I am a senior full-stack software developer (React/TS/JS and Python) who enjoys tackling ambiguous problems and creating applications that delight. At Manifold, I work on green-field applications in the healthcare, technology, and scientific domains. I enjoy working closely with stakeholders to build solutions that work.

My background in human-computer interaction research and bachelor's degree in Chemistry have given me the basis to combine software development, hard science knowledge and problem-solving techniques, and user-centered and iterative design principles.

As a human-computer interaction researcher, my focus was on creating software and hardware tools to promote science education, outreach, and engagement. I created novel interactive visualizations to allow non-expert users to interact with their genomic data, and compare their data to others. I also invented CRISPEE, a gene-editing toy for children, in order to engage young children with bioengineering principles and prepare the next generation of scientists for the boundless frontiers of scientific research. I worked on each project from the conceptualization phase to implementation and testing, working directly with stakeholders and iterating on designs based on data from in-person and online research studies.


In addition to my research, I also worked in a collaborative environment, coordinating with researchers from multiple institutions throughout the design process and leading teams of students. Through presenting at conferences, I was able to network with a global community of researchers and was exposed to cutting-edge human-computer interaction research.

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