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CRISPEE: A Tangible Gene-Editing Platform for Early Childhood

Co-PIs: Dr. Orit Shaer, Wellesley College; Dr. Marina Bers, Tufts University  ||  2017-2019

- Invented and designed an educational toy for children ages 5-7 through an iterative design process.
- Fabricated and programmed prototype using Arduino, felt, wood, and other age-appropriate materials.
- Created curricular supplements that introduce and reinforce key concepts related to bioengineering.
- Designed and conducted multiple rounds of studies with children in multi-day, informal learning settings.

- Created Python scripts to analyze quantitative and qualitative data collected during trials.
- Iterated on the design of the toy, informed by results of user testing and input from children and teachers.

- Led a team of students in creating a prototype of a supplementary bio-ethics game and an electronic plushie.

BacToMars: Creative Engagement With Bio-Design for Children

Co-PIs: Dr. Orit Shaer, Wellesley College; Dr. Marina Bers, Tufts University  ||  2017

- Developed educational videos to supplement a collaborative bioengineering computer game.
- Designed and conducted multi-day studies testing the game and supplemental materials with children.

- Analyzed data by coding video data for qualitative themes, and created Python scripts that parsed these themes to identify learning outcomes.
- Led a team of students in the development of supplemental minigames.

Personal Genomics for Human-Computer Interaction

Co-PIs: Dr. Orit Shaer, Wellesley College; Dr. Oded Nov, New York University  ||  2016-2017

- Created novel interactive genomic visualizations for use by non-experts using the d3 JavaScript library.

- Conducted in-person and online user testing to collect user experience metrics, comprehension of the information presented by the tool, and subjective user experience and satisfaction.
- Created Python scripts that analyzed user experience metrics and survey scores to understand patterns of use and compare the effectiveness of different visualizations.

Heavenly Chemistry: Radiolysis of Organic Molecules in the Interstellar Medium

PI: Dr. Christopher Arumainayagam, Wellesley College  ||  2012-2016

- Conducted research exploring the synthesis of organic molecules in a simulated deep-space environment.

- Analyzed mass spectrometry data and created visualizations for papers and conference presentations.
- Troubleshooted and repaired the complex research apparatus.
- Refined research protocols and wrote a lab manual for future research students.

- Mentored younger students in conducting research.

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